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1) Can I migrate my account from gamezer to here?
No. We have not connection with the gamezer and its database. You will have to perform a new register in our site and start from scratch, but worth it because the most important is to have fun.

2) Why when I lose a match, my points decrease?
This happened only in the previous rating system, now implemented a new rating system based in the original v5 which does not lose points by losing a match.

3) Why there is not national rooms?
Already national rooms were implanted, but not all countries have a room yet. New rooms will be added according to demand players.

4) Why there is not yet support the correct display arabic texts?
This is one of the problems in which it is being providing a solution, but it has been very difficult to solve. Regret until now such a problem still persists, we expect it to be resolved as soon as possible.

5) Who is behind this project?
This project was initiated by one of the players of the old v5 known as Chinas. We guarantee that neither he nor anyone else involved in this project has or had direct link with gamezer.

6) How was it possible to bring our dear v5 back if no one involved in this feat has or has had any direct link with the gamezer?
This project was made possible through reverse engineering done in the old v5. The creator of the project has extensive experience with programming, especially in the reversal engineering area. Most of this whole process was made from scratch on the basis only knowledge that was how it worked the game at the time. Everything was done to seemss as much as possible with our old and beloved v5, so the look is almost identical as it was deliberate. We all know that v5 has been and always will be the best version we had.

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